Monday, April 13, 2015

Dan Sebenarnya...

Suddenly the rain stopped...and the sky is clear.

First UTP ever yang tak disangka-sangka was on KL Day 2012.
Second UTP was on 30th Oct 2013. When my little boy was 13 months.

Today I have two little boys the angel of mine to be raised and nurtured, a big responsibility lies ahead.
Suddenly the hurricane, storm, thunder and lightning disappear.
If it is meant to be, the time will come.
BUT, to be meant is always about the journey of an effort.

Life will offer you bigger challenge every time you had passed one hurdle.
Dan sebenarnya..
Cabaran nak membesarkan anak baru bermula!

Be strong and keep going calmly, with patience and knowledge.
Look back to remind how strong you were once, so continue to do so.

From my experience with all the effort to have a baby, apa yang penting;
-Don't stress out
-Aim for it but don't PUSH
-Keep the weight between Under and Over
-Enjoy the before moment, the happiness during the after moment is not gonna be the same
-Pray for the best, Allah knows just right


  1. Assalamualaikum areina =)

    lama tak baca blog and update blog jugak, baru tau u already have to boys..Alhamdulillah =) drop me an email at k..boleh sambung sembang..hehe

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