Thursday, December 29, 2011


Froyo? Frozen Tutti Fruti

We went to have a sneak peak at the Nilai 9Avenue branch few weeks first we went to Seri Bangi but it opens only at 12, and we were already there at we went without waiting :(

Finally we went to 9 Avenue after not so heavy dinner at CRS. My hubby was just waiting at the table, letting me do the choosing (haha I was so amaturish and 'jakon' with the machine and what not), thankful that not so many people were there so the clumsiness was only witnessed by the workers there :)

I chose Death By Chocolate, Vanilla and Mango with some white dragon fruit and Longan, chocolate rice & chips, chocolate syrup & cashew nuts. (wish there are more choices of nuts and favourite fruits of mine).

The cost is fixed by weight at RM5.xx per 100g. My collection weighted 300g plus therefore I had to pay about RM18! (huu I guess it is only fine for a trial and rare occassion then).
My one and only favourite Jamoca ice cream costs me much less for a cup (of course no choice for this & that.. take whatever you like hehe)

The taste? Hmm I dont know about the original yogurt that they do offer too, but for whatever I chose that night, it was nice..not so much of yogurtness taste that you might end up running back to ice cream haha.. All of them..I guess I chose the right ones cos my hubby liked them too. They were all taste lighter in sweetness as compared to ice cream and less diaryness taste too.

Have a sneak peak yourself and give your views!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Tentang OPK

contoh-ihsan Yahoo Image

Sejak kebelakangan ini, selalu juga terserempak dengan tajuk yang bermula dengan tentang.. :) mungkin penangan cerita Tentang Dhia..yang saya tak pernah tengok tu..

Dalam tempoh beberapa bulan kebelakangan ini, saya telah mencuba OPK (Ovulation Prediction Kit). Pada mulanya saja hendak cuba-cuba, lama-lama jadi selesa pula nak perhatikan setiap bulan bila saya ovulate dan yang paling penting adakah ovulate?

Jenama yang saya mula-mula sekali cuba adalah jenama G. Dalamnya ada 5 set kayu uji. Saya telah menggunakan jenama yang sama selama 3 bulan berturut-turut.

Cubaan Pertama: Mula cuba CD12, LH Surge dikesan CD14 (lebih terang),CD15 & CD17 (sama terang)
Cubaan Kedua; Mula cuba CD13, LH Surge dikesan CD14 (lebih terang), CD15 (sama terang)
Cubaan Ketiga; Mula cuba CD13, LH dikesan CD 16 (lebih terang)
(sebenarnya agak terkeliru dengan cubaan kedua & ketiga, sebab tak rekod dan sangatlah pelupa ni!..tapi memang setiap cubaan ada surge..alhamdulillah!)
Cubaan Keempat; Pertama kali cuba jenama D. Cuma ada 4 set kayu uji. Mula cuba CD14 garis T sangat pudar seolah tiada, CD15 pula garis T semakin jelas tetapi masih pudar berbanding garis C (tiada surge lagi), dan semalam CD16 garis T jauh lebih terang daripada garis C!!! Alhamdulillah..

Semasa berkunjung ke hospital dan buat TVS semasa CD15, direkodkan terdapat satu folikel dominan 17x16mm..mungkinkah semalam dah pun melonjak kepada 20x19mm dan hari ini sudah cecah 22x23mm!!...amiinn..
Dan yang paling mengujakan..bila diberitahu ET berukuran 10.33mm!! Saya tak nampak skrin, jadi saya percaya sepenuhnyalah pada Sonographer tu..dan saya percaya! Sebab saya mahu percaya!

Sepanjang saya buat TVS walaupun pada cycle IUI, tak pernah ET saya setebal ini..syukur ya Allah..mungkinkah kerana bantuan akupuntur/homeopati?..apa pun pastinya dengan izin mu ya Allah..

Cubaan kali ini diteruskan dengan penuh positif, tawakal dan bersyukur..ya Allah aku tetap mengharap rezekiMu yang satu ini..walau ku sedari banyak hutangku padaMu yang belum usai..berilah aku peluang ya Allah..dimakbulkan doaku..dimudahkan bagiku menemui jalan harapanku untuk aku penuhi janjiku...lenyapkanlah kebencian & kekecewaan di hatiku...terima kasih ya Allah..

tiada yang mustahil dengan izinMu - gambar ihsan Yahoo Image

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Allah..Please Grant My Wish..

I know that I dont deserve anything without Your mercy

His birthday is around the will be our 4th anniversary..

I wish for One gift for him..for us..

I wish to have it no matter how we have to go through..though I beg You hard to give us the easiest way within our reach..

Give me peace Oh Allah.. at heart..always ready for any possibilities but in peace & composure & most importantly, dont let us be fell apart through this windy stormy days..

Cos I wish the most.. to stay with him when the rainbow is up..

Oh Allah..Please Grant My give him this One birthday gift..with Your mercy...I have faith for it to come true..

*Pic. courtesy of Yahoo Image


What to babble yeah? Oh yes..we had short trip to south recently, a trip for work but we took it also as 'makan angin' plus a brief visit to grandma's cottage..

Went where?

@ Projek Pertanian Moden, Kluang
Stayed where?

From the window of Katerina, Batu Pahat
First time ever that I stepped my feet here in Batu Pahat..see that big is actually like a big ship in the middle of the town..guess what it is? It is the Police HQ. The township design is more to parallel rather than scattered therefore the road is not so much confusing.

So we arrived later that day, after a quick rest (well not really cos we managed to take a nap), we took a welcome coffee/tea near the pool then tried to find a place for dinner. I brwosed and browsed for a recommended spot and went to this Nasi Beryani Gam nearby Hospital BP but apparently it does not serve dinner!

Luckily I saw this one food court approaching BP town from Muar, it is actually across the Putra Medical Centre..and it is open at night (well only very few of the stalls). We went straight in and actually were hoping to bump into Asam Pedas thing but none to be found...instead;

Chicken Bryani Gam

Singapore Murtabak
The Bryani was great..there got choices of chicken, lamb and beef..I thought the sold out one was lamb but it happened to be beef instead. Must be the beef version is good! We chose Ayam Masak Merah & it was yummy!

As for the Murtabak, it was huge! I wide that the plate was super size with no extra space on the plate for other things, served with curry and like a vinegar sauce. Well as for that we had actually have had better before. Probably too because of the yumminess of the bryani, we dont felt that great with the murtabak on top of being quite full for such a huge bread full with minced meat and egg.

The trip was short but the mission was accomplished! I enjoyed every moment spent with my hubby, I know for sure.. in my heart.