Wednesday, December 14, 2011


What to babble yeah? Oh yes..we had short trip to south recently, a trip for work but we took it also as 'makan angin' plus a brief visit to grandma's cottage..

Went where?

@ Projek Pertanian Moden, Kluang
Stayed where?

From the window of Katerina, Batu Pahat
First time ever that I stepped my feet here in Batu Pahat..see that big is actually like a big ship in the middle of the town..guess what it is? It is the Police HQ. The township design is more to parallel rather than scattered therefore the road is not so much confusing.

So we arrived later that day, after a quick rest (well not really cos we managed to take a nap), we took a welcome coffee/tea near the pool then tried to find a place for dinner. I brwosed and browsed for a recommended spot and went to this Nasi Beryani Gam nearby Hospital BP but apparently it does not serve dinner!

Luckily I saw this one food court approaching BP town from Muar, it is actually across the Putra Medical Centre..and it is open at night (well only very few of the stalls). We went straight in and actually were hoping to bump into Asam Pedas thing but none to be found...instead;

Chicken Bryani Gam

Singapore Murtabak
The Bryani was great..there got choices of chicken, lamb and beef..I thought the sold out one was lamb but it happened to be beef instead. Must be the beef version is good! We chose Ayam Masak Merah & it was yummy!

As for the Murtabak, it was huge! I wide that the plate was super size with no extra space on the plate for other things, served with curry and like a vinegar sauce. Well as for that we had actually have had better before. Probably too because of the yumminess of the bryani, we dont felt that great with the murtabak on top of being quite full for such a huge bread full with minced meat and egg.

The trip was short but the mission was accomplished! I enjoyed every moment spent with my hubby, I know for sure.. in my heart.

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