Monday, October 25, 2010


Sounds like a lyric huh? Recently, I kept realizing that time is like a blink of an eye..the moment you open your eyes, things can be very different. My mother in law passed away right after 2 and half days of our visit that seems almost normal..who would have thought that will be the last goodbyes!
Then I keep on thinking how things would have been different if this and that instead of these and those..REGRETS?
No..we cant feel regret for death..for things that has happened..but to LEARN from very necessary.
Wondering how things are going on with dead people? can never know how, cause it is for you to experience yourself when you're gone...
So cherish the moment with her..always in your be remembered and to be be learned and to be followed..
Do whatever you can for her..that might be her unreachable wish..send out prayers for her..Dear Allah..have mercy for her rest in peace..
Most importantly..value those still around you..each and every important people in your life must have their own place in your may not be able to replace each other definitely..
Every time we feel bad towards them, remember how the feeling will be when they're gone..just forget is short.. I hope that people would give me the best final moment when I'm GONE!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Di zaman ini, hubungan ibu bapa dan anak tidak sama lagi seperti di zaman dahulu. Dulu, keluarga sangat besar, keluarga merangkumi pelbagai keluarga nukleus. Kehidupan pelbagai keluarga berdekatan, saling memerlukan. Pendek kata, kalau sesuatu terjadi pada ibu bapa, anak itu dapat beralih teduh, di bawah jagaan ibu bapa saudara dan boleh hidup bersama dengan sepupu sepapat. Tapi kini, ibu bapa adalah segalanya. Pergantungan anak sepenuhnya pada ibu bapa. Harapan ibu bapa juga hanyalah pada si anak.
Kehilangan akan membutakan arah tujuan hidup seterusnya.
Persaudaraan terasa tidak seakrab dulu lagi. Dunia tanpa sempadan, tetapi keakraban pula yang berbatas. 
Di mana silapnya?
Lantaran itu, anak-anak sekarang bukan lagi milik saudara-mara apatah lagi masyarakat.
Hendak dibimbing dan ditegur pun, 'mak bapak dia pun tak bising..siapalah kita kan?'
Betulkah begini?
Kau jaga anak kau, aku jaga anak aku?
Bukankah burung itu akhirnya terbang juga dari sarangnya?
Mampukah ia terbang tinggi dan mencari arahnya sendiri?
Sekadar renungan...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to RELEASE your stress?


Stress is like everyday routine to most of us. I have always imagined myself living in a place where there is no urgency, no emergency, no expectation and anticipation etc. However, that is not the case. Working will always drag you to stress especially when you hate it! Well, not really hate it, but not so into it.
Relationship and financial matter can also lead to stress.
I supposed, what needs to be done is to partition our mind! Block into small partition,any stressful matter and spare bigger space for those giving us tranquility and peacefulness. Afterall, life is short..huh..don't lead stress to our death..but kill the stress while we still can!
Any objection?