Monday, October 25, 2010


Sounds like a lyric huh? Recently, I kept realizing that time is like a blink of an eye..the moment you open your eyes, things can be very different. My mother in law passed away right after 2 and half days of our visit that seems almost normal..who would have thought that will be the last goodbyes!
Then I keep on thinking how things would have been different if this and that instead of these and those..REGRETS?
No..we cant feel regret for death..for things that has happened..but to LEARN from very necessary.
Wondering how things are going on with dead people? can never know how, cause it is for you to experience yourself when you're gone...
So cherish the moment with her..always in your be remembered and to be be learned and to be followed..
Do whatever you can for her..that might be her unreachable wish..send out prayers for her..Dear Allah..have mercy for her rest in peace..
Most importantly..value those still around you..each and every important people in your life must have their own place in your may not be able to replace each other definitely..
Every time we feel bad towards them, remember how the feeling will be when they're gone..just forget is short.. I hope that people would give me the best final moment when I'm GONE!

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