Thursday, September 22, 2011


let the tiny flowers make my day

Frozen Me?

Rainy weather and somehow extra coolness of the air-conditioner.

Or does the body inside me so troublesome with hormones that makes me cold?

For the first time, thanks to a blog I bumped into, I bought box of 5 OPK, Guardian brand.

It was CD12 that I decided to begin and the result was a blurry T line.

I thought this was a positive like UPT (should have read first the instruction leaflet).

No, for OPK, positive means equally bright T line or darker T line.

CD 13 test still gave the same outcome.

Unexpectedly on CD 14, the T was darker! I was thankful and high hoping that the truth was as it was!

Then on CD 15, it was equally bright but I totally forgot to test for the 5th time the very next day.

Continuing on CD 17, it was equally bright.

Well, I guess if by fact, the O moment should have been within CD14-17 or so.

Now is the moment to keep myself busy and positive especially knowing the owner of the said blog is with positive UPT, yeayy!

Ya Allah, can I be next pleaseeeee..Ohh Allah, the Most Merciful, nothing is impossible as you permits.. I am not a good servant, I am with sins and regrets, I never stop hoping for your forgiveness, guide and chances for me to change for the better, with your mercy I am begging, I wish to deserve this piece of good news..shall I never felt any burden with the bundle of joy but will make use for the greatest good in life...Aamiin

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