Thursday, October 6, 2011

NIKITA the curious one

In Action As Whiskas SuperModel
The curious teenage cat ready to grab you
This is my parents' kitten or shall I say Teenage Cat..named Nikita.

It is so happened that my mum likes to watch the Indon telenovela titled Nikita.

She is given by a friend nearby when she was a baby, she actually lost her twin..just survived for a shortwhile.

She is so like the old saying 'Curiousity Kills the Cat' active grabbing and jumping on you, playful and alert!

But I hope her curiousity will never kill her, but kill the rats!

The Whiskas Salmon Pockets is a reward, but pleaaasse do not follow the advertisement that shows the rats dancing gleefully in front of a helpless cat busy with the Pockets!  

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