Friday, November 11, 2011


MY GYM-pic courtesy of web search

It has been a while since I last babbled..

Cycle Days ends and begins again and again...alhamdulillah

The year is ending..and here I am pulling myself into another stroke of battle..

But then again..I realised that the essence of maintaining motivation in life is the achievements..any other achievement can do..

Some achievements are in the control of Allah's rizq (mostly).. meaning that it has something to do with whether it is meant to be..coz this thing can just happen without you wanting, working for it!

But..there are some achievements based on your own will power to push yourself mentally and physically (of course with Allah's permits in the end)..

Yes! I am looking forward to achieve something this year/next year..soon!
It has been quite some time since I last achieved something..

My current STUBBORN weight is 55kg! (for a not so tall lady 153cm)
And with flabby tummy, thigh and bu**ock  :(
And the cholesterol on the higher side than normal :o

Daily 10 minutes of EzyShape, 20 sit-ups with AB Shaper..weekly game (badminton/light basketball) :)

Insya Allah..this will be the fruit of my efforts!

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by new year :)

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