Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Placenta

Here is the situation about Placenta; 
The difference between usual and other way round.

About Placenta Previa, there are three types;

The placenta is not blocking the canal opening.

The placenta is blocking the canal opening in a slight manner.

The placenta is totally blocking the canal opening.

The reasons I am sharing this is because during my latest visit to gynae,
seems from the abdominal scan, my placenta is not being on top of the uterus.

While my baby is already with the head downwards, the placenta is staying besides.
At  23 weeks, I have not formed lower segment, the smaller rounded part of
uterus where head stays. (refer the image)

Therefore, it is still beyond conformation the type of PP I am having any there
are still chances of not having PP.

This is beacuse as lower segment forms following the growth of baby and uterus,
most of the time, the placenta will be pushed up by the stretching of the
uterine wall growing.

This positioning of placenta has been fixed since the implantation
of embryo. There is no solid reason. There is no way of it detaching
and moving elsewhere.

It will stay there. Only the stretching can push it further away from blocking
the birth canal opening.

What TO DO?

Watch out for any bleeding, signs of bleeding with or without pain.
Frequent prenatal care is necessary as this could harm both mother
and baby if not given early action.
Bed Rest or Hospitalization could be the last resort if there's bleeding.
Later, baby will be taken out through C-Sect.


I read that most of the cases will solve by itself with the placenta
move upwards further from being PP as pregnancy progresses.


10% of PP have the risk of being Placenta Accreta where the
placenta has been buried abnormally deeper into uterine wall
which could cause life threatening haemorrhage/hysterectomy (na'uzubillah).


Most PP is with mother carrying boy.
Most PA is with mother carrying girl.


Please Allah protect me from PP even worse PA.
Let the low lying placenta I am currently having will turn out not PP soon..amiiinn.
Please pray for me ya.

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