Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The experience

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Alhamdulillah, I am going into 30 weeks this coming weekends Insya Allah.

And alhamdulillah, as for the past 4 days of Ramadhan and today is the 5th day on the way,
I am still holding on to complete my fasting.

I was quite nervous before, to go thorugh this, wondering whether I am capable to do it with
this little kid inside, don't want to trouble this baby.

But, the experience was and still am great. I feel as usual fasting, only bloated, windy, gassy abdomen on
the first day morning that settled hours later and yes today I do feel slightly the same. Probably due to
my watermelon eating last night, though not so much.

However I noticed my quite difficulty to pass motion. Am I lack of water? Or the constipation has arrived?
I really hope to improve on this. Any advise?

I have also experienced harder kicks and rolls inside me lately. It is such an experience. Sometimes when
I feel silence, it freaked me out cos when i feel the movement, it is so alive, don't want to stop. But as the doctor says, babies like us have lazy moments too.. :)

Thanks Allah for giving me the experinece, thanks Allah from the moment the pregnancy test finally be positive, and at that time, I was not much expecting unlike my hubby...that's another be continued.

To all TTc ian out there, I have been there and I know just exactly how the rollercoaster is.
Keep on trying and praying, positive minds and enjoy every bits with dear hubby cos everything happens for a reason. :) Allah knows BEST. 

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