Thursday, June 23, 2011


Great to have bunch of kiddos like them who can cook like a pro and make you proud! Also make you never hungry :)
Well, for me, not to have a bunch is not a thing, coz one is already a treasure very much welcomed!
My journey is already into the 4th year, now working out the hurdles of 3rd year.

This year's journey includes an operation done earlier as I was suspected of having Endometriosis.
My case is actually not predictable..cos EVERYthing looks ok on the screen and even on the paper..but then the decision for Lap was actually not a waste..there was an endometriotic cyst found and endo.. poured onto bladders.

However, those has past for quite some time by now. What matters now, after shots of Lucrin, the result on paper is very much better..though..from what seems not even within the range of a typical endo patients. Side effects of Lucrin is slowly walking away..I think so.. :)

Time has ran very quickly since the surgery. But during this window of expecting the AF to return back, it feels like time is too slow, too killing me..I guess when it's time to continue TTC, your adrenaline will lush back with anxiousness and slight of phobics? Ohh please don't..such adrenaline wont help.

Been brwosing and found this;

Hi, everyone!  I had a laparoscopy followed by 6 months of Lupron.   DH and I had been trying to get pregnant for close to 3 years.  I got pregnant my very first cycle off of Lupron!

Yeayy, alhamdulillah..such an inspiration giving me some hope..and I am always hoping from people who shares their successful journey the same thing will happen to me too..insya Allah..

When there's a will, there's a way, when you work the way, you'll eventually get there!

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