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To reach the top of Cameron Highland in Pahang is usually via Perak, right? Coming from North will begin the hiking at Simpang Pulai while the Southern part hikers will take the route from Tapah (used to be the only way up those days, I think so). Coming from East, yes there is another route from Gua Musang. You will meet up at a junction with those coming via Simpang Pulai then turn left/right to reach Kg Raja.

Well, guess what..we tried coming back to KL using this route, Ringlet-Kuala Lipis..anybody used to this route..please please please reaise your hand :)

The road is very much pleasant than any of those other routes..becasue it has NO sharp turning, corners, zig zags etc..the road is just nicely going down along tall trees and looking down far are the mountains and cliffs, with long steady corners..basically you can do readings while in the car without feeling a thing! Of course not while you are driving ;) The road surface is also new and smooth.

But..there are very few travellers along the road, it's almost like you are alone..then when a car passes speeds up ahead and if :) Hmm bit scary huhh? Yes you may find villages of Orang Asli (Well-Planned) but no stalls selling Petai or Forest Honey, please use Tapah or Simpang Pulai route..there'll be many!

The scenery however is feels like passing through a hanging bridge over mountain cliffs;

Woaaalaaa...very nice isn't it?
But... actually is a looong winding will also encounter locations of 'LORI BALAK' towards the end..passing POS took 70 minutes to reach Sg Koyan..and this time is a not so wide street towards Raub, with lorries to take over..huhu..missing the so called PLUS Highway after 50 minutes of Tanah Rata-Tapah route.

From Raub, you will need another half an hour to reach Bentong, then you will get on the highway, Karak Highway straight to KL within another half an hour.

Here are the ranking based on priorities;

to KL-Tapah
to North-Simpang Pulai
to KB/East-Gua Musang
to Pahang-Sg Koyan

IF you AIM for COMFY ;)
1.Sg Koyan
2.Simpang Pulai
3.Gua Musang

IF you AIM for less TOLL fares
Yes this one is much cheaper! Hmm but perhaps Gua Musang route is the toll huh?

IF you AIM for SAFETY..hmm quite subjective

Looks obvious that Tapah route is more dangerous because the road is narrow and has lots of sharp corners but this actually keeps you AWAKE!
I guess, as long as you dont get bored, sleepy or out of focus, you'll be OK..insya Allah :)

Here we come!

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