Monday, June 6, 2011

breathtaking scene

I have not written anything in 2011!!! Well, a lot has happened in these past few months...episodic events realting to my health, my close neighbour died and travel to ease my mind,,and oh yes..the arrival of latest much excuse huh?
One of the most unforgettable getaway this month is as seen above..the breathtaking scenery of waterfalls!!!Love it so much..the cool water as I dip into it..greatttt..cooling off all the heat wave from the peaking hot weather these days..what I love the most is to sit in the water with legs on the rocks..feels like floating forever and ever...marvellous..and to rest my back while sitting with cascading water behind me..feels like the best massage ever! Want to know where I went? It's the Chamang Waterfall of Bentong..just 7km off the Bentong town...yes, the water comes from the gigantic hills of Pahang..the spot is quite nice with proper spot for parking, toilet and food/souvenier stalls..not just park by the side of the road. Some goes for fishing for's just time to be BACK TO NATURE! I think this FOC spot for relaxing and family vacation is much much worthy than going for expensive trips to theme parks etc just for unnatural water dip..but of course you can never get to rollercoaster or water slides here haha...I was just a kid when I last dip into a stream, and I can remember clearly how good I felt to picnic by the river ..mmmm so great we decided to go there and from now on, we will be tracking waterfalls all over the country!Give a try!

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