Thursday, March 22, 2012


Insya Allah in 3 days...


The beginning of Trimester 2 is on 1st April 2012;

This is the time I am hoping to gain some strength and coping better to catch up with my ignorence feeling towards many things I used to bond more with this precious gift from Allah...amiiinn

Next...Trimester 3 will start on July 15th 2012;

It's my mother's birthdate! This is the time approaching Ramadhan 1433, I am hoping to gain strength to fast completely, prepare for the upcoming new stage of my life, bonding more and more with the baby..amiiinn

Then..week 40 is on 7th Oct 2012;

Insya Allah, everything will turn out fine, I will safely deliver dear kid with his/her perfect health and smooth sailing moment with hub's azan/iqamah..amiiinn

The journey to raise a great caliph begins...o Allah, please grant our wishes!

Note:Image from Yahoo Image


  1. Hi there.

    Alhamdulillah dah masuk 2nd trimester. Owwh, thanks singgah blog saya :)

    Takecare mommy & baby :D

  2. Thanks Ily :)
    Welcome to my Blog!