Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So long ago that I last updated..and here I am talking about silent killer on the loose!

It has been in my mind like for ever..this tense driven by 'respectful' SMOKERS.

Especially lately I JUST CANT TAKE IT! Why must they smoke like they are giving us air purifier or freshner with calming fragrant???? They smoke everywhere, all the time, they throw it away wherever they are standing cos they just could not care.

I truly 'respect' those who accompanies them while eating, while walking, while talking cos this people are just so rude that they can just puff the nasty poisonous thing on the face of their companion.

They could just forget about the monstrous photos on the cigarrette box, the giant posters or loud campaign..they can just say go to**** with it! What they know is that I am addicted and I only live for it.

I am seriously sick with this mentality and also sick living inside this smokey atmosphere here in my beloved land, or should I still feel beloved after all the poison going on? Furthermore to add onto this sickening thing, my officemates who has no fear, no mercy and no intention to be civilised are so clever to smoke in groups at the stairways having fun like nobody's business, forget about NO SMOKING INSIDE OFFICE BUILDING..and the smokes go back in the office through the air-cond. ventilation!!! 

Where has civilised, educated manhood gone to??? Or do they ever existed? 

They dont deserve this world! Go find planet NICOTINE..

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