Friday, May 25, 2012

what about today?

Fuhh a week of working without you around has come to the final day..alhamdulillah.
So, another 5 weeks of like this ahead of me, i hope time will fly like a proud bird weeeeee.

So what about today besides that? Yeah, it was the day I was born years ago, at home, on the bed, with midwife and my mum with my mother had a smooth journey with deliveries, good for her.

The unique thing about today is that this year's 25th falls on Friday just like on the day I was actually born. Friday the 25th May comes again. I was born about 3:24 pm, after Friday Prayer.

Thanks mum for taking care of me inside you and make me come out to this world and be raised by you. Thanks Allah, thanks for all, thanks for making me still breathing right now and with this precious gift inside me. Thanks for the life I have had, the life I am having now with the husband I love. I hope to be a better person, to be as what I should be as Your servant.

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