Friday, July 1, 2011


Just to share..introducing 'Gerai Kak Noor' in the sky.. : )
Well not really in the sky, but at Tanah Rata, but seriously delicious, super dupper yummy!

Unfortunately no photo was taken cos we just can't wait to finish it ;)

Anyway, the important description is the chcken portion is BIG, occupying 90% of the plate!
The crust is sooo nice and not oily, just that it has no sauce like mushroom or black pepper etc..just chili sauce in a bottle :)

The price is below RM10 and with that kind of size and taste, you will be totally full and with satisfaction!
Especially when you are already tired of having same steamboat and sate probably :)

Location wise? Hmm if you are familiar with Tanah Rata, just turn left-going to Maybank if you come from Brinchang. The stall is just few metres ahead of the bank.
There are few stalls there (like a mini food court) and look for the above banner!..and you can see crowd here :)


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