Monday, July 4, 2011


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Win? No..but Lose?..No..then? Yeahh We are THROUGH to the second round of Asian Qualifying for 2014 World Cup! Thanks to the advantage from our 2 AWAY GOALS.

Yesterday was a furious game I must say..well not really because Taiwanese were very good, in fact our goals were much challenging and unique, but the pressure that can be felt by our players from not so balanced judgement of referee and the very much faster pace demonstrated by the oppenents.

The losing game was not something I can predict especially after 2-1 (Aidil and Safiq scored through straight shoots from their free kick). I was really expecting for that to remain as the result for the night.

I guess I am quite right IF we did not give them the 3 wicked penalties that the oppenents took 2 out of it!
Who would have predicted penalty? Not that our players were too rough, yes they were suffering from anxiety and lack of pacifying moments, but I have seen much tougher act without any cards given, moreso penalty given! 3 Penalties for our dear players? It's almost unbelievable!

Anyway, this should be taken as an alarm trigger for the team to look back and rework themselves for a much better game with the Lions this 23rd. The hope is for Safee to recover, I must see him back hand in hand or shall I say feet to feet with Norshahrul. I am also still hoping to see Fahmi at the post once again.
A credit to Sharbinee for his sole penalty save last night though he was later being at fault for the third penalty granted. The player or the referee at fault? Who can say no to a referee? :(

Or should we seriously consider adding Brendan Gan from Aussie (his father is from Negeri Sembilan) to add up some different perspective into the team, just to scare off the oppenents more :) well ..they are having players from Nigeria :0 Yugoslavia :( Croatia and Brazil!!!! 

Not that i dont have confidence in our current bunch of players..I DO!
Just worry to see more and more injuries coming in!
Can we save them from playing too much with the Gunners, the Reds and the Blue pleassse!

Whatever it is, deep down, as I hope for the best, I know they CAN.
Don't worry guys, I think the lions are just bunch of Simbas ;)
You are the Great Tiger of Malaya, Roar and Roar and Roar!!!


Malayan Tiger in the water.YoungSimbaSmilestlk.png

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